Thai Oddities

This is a collection of things I, a naive country girl, have found in Thai culture, or Thailand in general, to be interesting, and quite different from anything you would find in Canada! (I will update as I go! So check back periodically if you are curious.)

4. When you get your dinner, no matter what it is, you get a spoon and a fork. I have seen a butter knife only at places that serve breakfast, and only when toast is included in the breakfast. The Thai way is to use the fork to get the food on the spoon, and then eat from the spoon. The fork rarely or never goes in your mouth… weird!

3. Steps of stairs are NEVER evenly spaced. I’m always tripping over stairs because I can’t find a rhythm that works.

2. There are power wires that you can touch from the steps going up to the walking bridge that goes over the streets. Manitoba Hydro would cringe at the sight! I cringe at the sight!

1. There are dogs everywhere. Particularly in front of the 7/11 that I go to everyday. Does it not have a home? Why do people not shoo it away? What’s up with that dog?! I feel bad for it..


One thought on “Thai Oddities

  1. I love this so much Leanne! Can’t wait to hear more. I feel bad for the dogs too 😦 but maybe 7/11 is their home lol?

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