My Last Week in Thailand

This post is long overdue, but now is better than never.. right? So here it goes, the adventures of my last week in Thailand. July 20th was the last day of teaching for the 8 of us U of M practicums, but since we had a 90 day Visa into the country and we wanted to utilize every last day that the Visa allowed, our flight home was a week later, July 27th. So we had an entire week to do whatever our hearts desired. For myself and 2 of my colleagues, this was to explore more of the south, since we had experienced the north twice, and seen much of the central part of Thailand (places very near to Bangkok), but we had only seen Phuket, which I argue that we didn’t really see, we did but it was just not what we expected. Either way, we all knew that there were some really chill places in the south, so we decided we would check them out!

We arrived at school that last Friday with our backpacks packed and ready to go! Our first destination was the train station. We ended up getting a really good taxi driver that got us there in record time. The problem with this was we had so much extra time that we found ourselves sitting around in the train station waiting for our train. Guess it could have been worse and we could have been late or completely missed our train…

Bangkok Train Station

Bangkok Train Station

Finally it was our turn to board. I felt like I was in Harry Potter, walking around trying to find our Platform.

We were not on Platform 9 3/4 :(

We were not on Platform 9 3/4 😦

The neat thing about this train was it was a sleeper train. We were in 2nd class sleepers with A/C. It was actually a very comfortable ride with beds that were just big enough for my tall frame to comfortably fit!

My little bed, with a lovely privacy curtain.

My little bed, with a lovely privacy curtain.

Our train ended up being delayed, so the the 9 hour ride ended up being closer to 12 hours. It really didn’t make much of a difference though, since I slept the entire time! Upon leaving the train we hopped on to a truck which brought us to the pier where we boarded a boat to our first destination, Koh Tao. This was probably the best morning I have had it Thailand. Since the boat was pretty full, I sat outside with my back leaning up against all the luggage. I would argue that I may have had the best seat in the house! The wind was blowing in my hair, and the sun was rising over the water. It was absolutely beautiful!



I spent the majority of the 4 days in Koh Tao simply chilling on the beach and relaxing. I did go out snorkelling one day, but that was quite relaxing as well.

On Tuesday evening we left Koh Tao on a night boat (I would NEVER recommend a night boat…), and headed to Railey. After the boat, a van ride, another van ride, a truck ride, and a long-tailed boat ride, we finally reached Railey.

IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! (I think that is the theme of this week… beautiful places!)

Land Forms in Railey

Land Forms in Railey

I wasn’t feeling well, so the 2 days that we stayed in Railey consisted of me curled up in the hotel (which had A/C!). I did manage to get out a couple times to have a little to eat and to take a couple pictures, but mainly I just felt horrible. (More on that in a potential coming post…). On Thursday we headed back to Bangkok, and Friday we departed to head back to the Peg!

Overall, I would say my experiences in Thailand were overwhelmingly incredible. There were things I did that I thought I could never handle, and things that I did that I never thought I would ever be given the opportunity to do in my entire life. Maybe, someday, I will be given the opportunity to do it all over again!


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