Weekend Inning #11 ~ Bangkok One Last Time

Since I knew I had a week away ahead of me, I decided I could afford to spend one more weekend in Bangkok. It saved me a couple baht, and also gave me the opportunity to visit with someone from back at home that I have not seen since March! One of the guys that is in the same cohort (AKA. home room class?) as 3 of us U of M students that are teaching here was travelling around Thailand and some of the surrounding countries for a few weeks with his brother and friend. The other neat thing is, this guy is also my second cousin! So, the weekend consisted mainly of relaxing and spending an evening with the guys.

Blaine, Elise, Me, Aisha

Blaine, Elise, Me, Aisha @ Saxaphone Pub, BKK

I also had an opportunity to visit China Town (which is strange, since I am surrounded by Asian influences everyday, but it is evident that China Town gives off a much different vibe), and one of the many gigantic malls that are scattered among downtown Bangkok.

It was a very chill weekend with lots of walking around, enjoying the city, and relaxing!


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