Where is Home?

I only have 23 more sleeps left in Thailand. Of those 23, at the very most I will have 15 more nights in my apartment. As the time draws nearer to return home, I have started to think about what ‘home’ really is. I know that Thailand will not be the place I choose to settle for the rest of my life (I could never stand the heat here for the rest of my life!), but in a way, it has become my home for the short 3 months I have been here. My simple white apartment has a comfort to it. I would not want to stay in these apartments forever, but since I have settled into a bit of a routine in this apartment, and I have dumped and thrown my stuff all around the place, it certainly is my own!

Often when I am saying ‘home’ in a conversation with others though, it is not my apartment I am referring to. Home will always be where my family and friends are, home is where I feel totally comfortable, home is where my niece is just down the road from me, and my sisters and parents are there to enjoy life with. Though I may venture off again for another adventure sometime in the future, I know home will always be Manitoba with the people I grew up with and love.

It is quite surreal to think that in a few short weeks I will be back in Manitoba, back in my bedroom, back to having drinking water that comes from the tap, back to seeing the people used to see every day. And just a few short weeks after that, back to school for my final year off my undergraduate degree. I know it will be nice going home, but also think that it may be weird getting back into the routine of my ‘Manitoba Life’. I won’t have the opportunity to go on weekend expeditions every single weekend, I won’t have the convenience of running down to the soi and grabbing a quick bit to eat, and I’ll be leaving behind some pretty funny students, not to mention other staff. I don’t think I would go to the extent of saying that I have built myself a life here in Thailand, but I have made myself comfortable enough in routines and such that it will be quite a change going back to Manitoba. I can’t believe that I will get to hug my family and see my friends in just over 3 weeks. I can’t even imagine how amazing that will feel!

So overall, what I have come to realize is that I can become comfortable somewhere and make it feel ‘home-ish’. This has taught me that I can be away from Manitoba and stay somewhere for a period of time and make it feel like home. Though houses and apartments and locations may change, family is not something that can be changed. ‘Home’ for me will always be where my family and loved ones are.


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