Experience with Doctors

Right when I arrived in Thailand, I was sick. I know I was dehydrated, and my head was spinning for the first week, and I just felt crummy! Since then, I have felt quite well. However, I have been having this problem with my feet and calves. They were swollen and hard as rock. Thinking nothing of it, since my feet usually swell a little in the heat, I kept on trucking. But after teaching Phys Ed. in an non-A/C gym on Friday, I developed a rash on my ankles. I guess this was my bodies way of telling me that it needed help. Though… I had places to go this weekend (which you will find out about in a blog post sometime in the near future!) so I waited until today to get myself to a doctor. Good thing too, since the rash has now spread to halfway up my calves.

Anyway… I think Canada should take some notes from Thailand healthcare! When my lovely friend and I walked to the hospital, we were greeted outside the door by a nurse, since she could tell we were a little confused (that will happen when everything is written in Thai!). So, we proceeded to enter into the hospital. Within 5 minutes I already had 3 nurses looking at my feet and taking down all my information. After they had done a preliminary exam, it was time to wait for the doctor. The nurses sat us at some very nice leather couches and brought us some iced green tea. Before I could finish the small glass of juice, I was being escorted into the office with the doctor already in there! He took a short look at my feet and decided that the best idea was to get me to see a dermatologist first. So, my friend and I got an escort into a different building in the hospital complex, and within 15 minutes I was in an office talking to a dermatologist! Another 10 minutes later and I had a prescription for the rash and a recommendation to go back down to the doctor and get some tests taken. It was actually kind of scary since they thought I may have Edema, which could potentially be caused by kidney problems or failure. So, back down with the regular doctor I got a blood and urine test. They said the tests would be ready in 45 minutes. Since this was right after school that we had headed to the hospital, we were both starving. So, with a bit of pleading, we were allowed to leave the hospital to grab a bite to eat!

Upon returning to the hospital after a lovely steak dinner (yup… steak… for 5 bucks!) we were greeted with smiles. Thankfully… my body is functioning just as it should! All my test came back clear! So, I am now on pills that should hopefully get ride of the swelling, that the doctor is guessing is just a build up of water caused by the excessive amounts of sodium in Thai food mixed with the heat. Hopefully in a week I can walk on feet that are not so extremely sore!

I can honestly say that this hospital/doctor experience was the best medical experience I have ever had! I really dislike going to the doctor since it takes so long for anything to actually get done! In less than 3 hours at the hospital here, I saw 3 doctors, got lab work done, and got 3 different prescriptions… all for the low price of $65 CAN! Let’s just hope that whatever it is that they prescribed me actually works!


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