Weekend Outing 1 ~ Pattaya and Hua Hin

After one weekend away from Bangkok, I am POSITIVE I will leave Bangkok whenever possible! Bangkok is such a busy city with so much pollution and people. Mix these two things together, along with crowded buildings, and you get one really hot (temperature wise) city!

This weekend the school took us away for a night (from Friday to Saturday) to Pattaya for team building with the Thai teachers. The team building was pretty frustrating! It started with a relay that we had to do while driving out to the resort, kind of like The Amazing Race. However, the frustrating part was that all the directions were only written in Thai… and not many of the Thai teachers speak very good English. So, we had no idea what we were doing or where we were going or what was going to happen next. So, I did the only thing I could do… trust the people around me and go with the flow! Overall, I had a great time and got to know a few more people that I will be working with at the school for the next 3 months. (Again, put your mouse over the picture for a description).

After our one night at Pattaya, we headed out early in the morning to come back to Bangkok to take a different van out to Hua Hin and meet the people from Campus 1 and 3. And of course, being a long weekend here in Thailand, traffic was CRAZY! We left Pattaya at about 9 in the morning and only arrived at Hua Hin at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. It was only supposed to take 5 hours all together.

Hua Hin was AMAZING!… but kinda sketchy!

Saturday evening started out great! All of us U of Mer’s along with our prof went to a restaurant just up the street from our hotel. Since I am getting very sick of rice, rice noodles, pad thai, and things like that, I ordered what I wanted… which was spaghetti! (My family should not be shocked!) It was soooo yummy!

After dinner we headed to the night market… and this was a night market like I have never seen before! There was so much stuff and so many different vendors (and so much random crap that people should not buy!), and then there was so amazing stuff in there! I bought my parents a lovely gift that cost 1000 baht (so about 30 bucks..), and let me tell you, they will LOVE it! I also bought a little something for my niece! I am trying to hack off a few presents each weekend I am away so I don’t have to scramble at the end to buy people stuff. I also bought myself a dress and a longer party shirt/dress (it’s supposed to be a dress… on me it is definitely a shirt!) After this, we went back to the hotel.

The hotel we stayed in was 900 baht/night, which is about $30 CAN. I shared a room with one of my friends, so for $30, I stayed in a room for the weekend! Let me tell you though, this was one of the the most dingy place I have ever stayed! (And I have a feeling it may only get dingier as the weekends progress). So after we got back from the market I was about to get ready to shower and suddenly the power goes out! I looked outside and we were the only place lacking power. After a couple minutes I hear a tap on the balcony door. At this point I’m freaking out. Power is out and strange men are tapping at the balcony. Creepy. Thankfully they were just people that were working on getting the power back on, but it does not make it any less scary!

The following day I spent some time with the girls on the beach (which I either got bitten by something in the ocean, or developed an ever growing blister on my toe… weird! I guess time will tell what happens with that one!), and came back just after some lunch to clean up to get a thai massage. I have never had a massage before, and let me tell you, thai massages are…. funny. Good… but funny! I had no idea what to expect. What turned out happening is I had some little thai girl rolling her arm up my leg, from toe to crotch, very, very hard. I could feel her arm bone against the bone in my leg. She continued to sit on me, stretch me, pull me, floof my hair, pretty much anything! It was like a mixture of what I would expect of a massage, and then something a chiropractor would do, and then a bunch of stuff I didn’t quite understand! I have to admit… in the middle of the massage I actually started laughing a little. Not cause it tickled.. just cause the whole idea seemed kind of funny. However, it did feel VERY good… and I will likely go for another sometime (and it only cost 200 baht for an hour… so under $10).

Sunday evening was dinner with the whole and some more shopping at the market, and then we headed back to Bangkok earlier today. Things are getting better out here! I’m feeling more at home, the weather is becoming slightly more comfortable, and I think the jet lag is almost gone! Tomorrow is back to school and planning (the students don’t arrive for another 2 weeks!) I’m sure there are many adventures to come! I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Outing 1 ~ Pattaya and Hua Hin

  1. Leanne!!!! It’s Sam here. I’m so glad you are blogging your adventures. My mom and I have had quite a few laughs over your sarcastic remarks thus far, and we look forward to reading many more. 🙂

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